Twilight Eclipse Secrets from Backstage!

Really cool behind the scenes stuff in this video…toward the end of the clip they show how they did some of the fight scenes and action stuff! Watch til the end…and keep reading for my review of the  movie!

I went to the early screening of Twilight Eclipse! I know, a 42-year-old Mom shouldn’t be so excited about this movie.  :)  Surprisingly enough, my whole family liked it! My husband and son had to be coerced into going, but there is enough action, cool effects, and humor to keep the guys happy.

The kids have become better actors as the saga has continued. Kristen Stewart seems much more confident in this film. The movie moves along quickly, too. My son complained that in the previous movies everyone “stood around and stared at each other” too much,  :) 

I loved it, and would rate it as the best of the series so far. Comment below and let me know what you think of the movie!! BTW, I am still Team Edward.


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