iPhone 4 – no, really…what’s the new iPhone for?

iphone iPhone 4   no, really...whats the new iPhone for?

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple is known for putting out small, useful, compact, user-friendly hardware that uses software and digital information to create a user experience like no other – and that’s kinda like the new iPhone – except for one small fact:  holding it will cause the signal strength to die out.  Not cool, when holding it is kind of a natural thing to do…

Here’s a video example of the flaw.  But the makers are claiming that an FCC rule, keeping antennaes in the bottom of the phone, is what makes this flaw unavoidable.  Even funnier:  Steve Jobs says the solution is ‘don’t hold it that way.’  Oh, well….that’s good advice :)

  • BurntWheatThin

    That would drive me CRAZY, having that happen all the time. I think I’ll just stick to my current phone. I think it would help if the FCC would change their antenna rule. That would probably fix the problem.

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