Coca-Cola Co. returns with the ‘Retro’ Mello Yello

142133 MelloYello Coca Cola Co. returns with the Retro Mello Yello

I’m not gonna lie…as a kid, I used to LOVE this stuff!  Mello Yello is back, and so is the retro look….but is the taste going to be the same?  Pepsi recently put out their “Throwback” line of soft drinks-which I like-and I guess Coke answered with a ‘retro’ idea of thier own.  The new Mello Yello cans, which started showing up on shelves over the last few weeks, take consumers back to the brand’s introduction with a pair of…

green- and light-red L’s “strolling off the edge of the can,” as Coke describes it.   CEO of Product Ventures, a brand strategy and design firm, Peter Clarke, said that there is a trend where consumers are gravitating to things that are comfortable and familiar.  Designs that tend to be simple, nostalgic or have a “retro flair” are comfortable, whereas things with an ‘edge’…represent hectic and crazy.

Leave your comments on the new ‘Retro’ comeback of Mello Yello…and let us know of your favorite soft drink as a kid!  (Fanta was another favorite of mine)


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