Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

1047441 kiss1 Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Do you recall the first time your lips locked with another? My first ‘for real’ kiss was…

in 6th grade with a boy named “Mark”. The subject was brought to mind because my son, Zach, had to KISS his co-star in the movie he is currently shooting.

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Both kids are 12. I could feel Zach thinking, “NOOOOOOOOOO…” when the director said, “This time lets try it on the lips!” But, Zach was a pro and said, nonchalantly, “Sure, OK.”   :)  Then, they had to kiss about 8 times for different angles. When the kids left the set afterwards, I asked the little girl if it was gross, and she answered, “No, he’s a great kisser!” I think I am in major trouble!!  :)

Comment below and tell me about your first kiss!!


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