Something Horrible Happened to My Favorite Sweater!

red sweater Something Horrible Happened to My Favorite Sweater!

I only got to wear my new favorite sweater ONCE before it was ruined. Read on to find out what happened…

doccie bear Something Horrible Happened to My Favorite Sweater!

THIS is what happened to my sweater. The sweater somehow miraculously migrated from it’s safe perch on the back of the couch to the floor. Now it has no buttons and lots of holes. Sigh. Any tips on how to get your puppy to stop chewing EVERYTHING in the house?  :)

  • Joan

    My niece’s dog ate a woman’s hygiene item (t****n) that my sister had to watch when he went outside to make sure it passed. Luckily it did. On a different subject – I thought today’s song of the day by Antebellum was supposed to play in the 10 o’clock hour. What happened? Or was still that much asleep when it was announced?

    • kezkdana

      hmmmm…not scheduled for 10a. It’s later this afternoon…Good Luck!

  • mom to a chewer

    lots of chew bones and toys. Toys in a box where he can reach them and pick out what he wants to chew up. A chew bone in every room he invades also straight to a crate when you find him mis-behaving.

    • Bobbi Ofstein

      Only use the crate if you want it to represent punishment. If it’s somewhere he sleeps, it will confuse him.

  • Mary Franklin

    Beautiful dog! My beagle is 3 now, and this week-end he chewed the buttons off of my duvet cover, along with putting a hole in it. This is the first time ‘I’ve had that problem. Maybe it’s the weather?

  • Laurie Arns

    You should have bought your puppy a sweater, also. Next time you buy something ex. shoes, socks, undergarments, outergarments and sweaters buy one for you and one for your puppy. That way you will both be happy.

  • Lisa

    Have you tried the bitter tasting stuff that you can spray on furniture and stuff? I don’t think you can spray it on clothes but it is supposed to be safe for furniture.

    What I learned when I was training my puppy was that I had to just keep my clothes and shoes out of his reach until he outgrew the puppy stage. That was about 18 months. My house was very neat, though. I couldn’t leave anything laying around.

  • kezked

    I would recommend the “Dog Whisperer” That guy knows how to handle everything…either that, or put jalepeno juice on the things he’s not supposed to chew on…he’ll either develop a taste for jalepenos or stop chewing…good luck :)

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