Jennifer Aniston Reveals Diet Secret!

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98151980 Jennifer Aniston Reveals Diet Secret!

Jennifer Aniston reportedly has lost 7 pounds in a week on her eating plan designed by her trainer Tracy Anderson…read more to find out how she did it!

The Baby Food Diet!!

The new diet craze sweeping Hollywood is the “Baby Food Diet”. This is the brainchild of  ‘trainer to the stars’  Tracy Anderson. The diet consists of eating 14 jars of  baby food each day, followed by a healthy adult dinner. Actually, 14 jars of baby food sounds like kind of a lot, doesn’t it? But I think I would get tired of all of that mushy stuff. At least you would be getting plenty of fruits and veggies, and not a lot of preservatives and chemicals.

What do you think? Would you do the ‘Baby Food Diet’?  Please leave your comments below.

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