Saturday Mail, Yes or No? Vote Here.

usps postal kilt Saturday Mail, Yes or No?  Vote Here.

Tell us what you think about dropping Satruday Mail Delivery (even by this guy).  Cast your vote…

  • BSchumacher

    People don’t realize how many American people depend on the mail as there only personal contact. Saturday deliveries allow those receiving SS checks and other federal and state payments to receive their checks on time. Everyone needs to stop and really think about how this will effect their friends and neighbors, not just themselves.

  • AJS

    I can’t wait for all of you that think this is going to keep the price of postage where it is. This is the only beginning of ways for the postal service to take services away. The price of postage will still be going up in the near future. The post master general must still keep his $800,000.00 salary. The way to save the postal service is for each of us to mail just a couple more pieces every week.. Folks we are talking about thousands of jobs. Jobs of people you know and rely on. Think about it!

  • DSchmidt

    If we don’t want postage costs to keep going up, they need to do something like this. I, personally, are part of their problem. I don’t mail hardly anything anymore, I do almost all my banking online. I understand that BSchumacher wants her SS check & fed/state payments on time, but banks don’t post deposits on Sat anyway, so that really shouldn’t be much of an issue. I think that if one less day of delivery is enough to help keep postage costs from going up, up, up then great. I’m only sorry for the workers hours being cut.

  • DSchmidt

    Oh, goodness. I didn’t see the comment about the Post Master General’s salary. If that’s true, then maybe they need to work on their priorities. Then again, Pres Obama will be taking a hefty chunk out of that man’s paycheck anyway, right?

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